Google Site Map Information

Ever wonder what google index’s or does on your site? Well, here is some instructions on how to use this information. http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2005/11/16/google-sitemaps/ It is some very good info and interesting stats. Somewhat like google analytics.


There has been so much talk in the news about AJAX these days. It is strange, I have heard that AJAX is the Microsoft Killer, the new technology, or the wave of the future. I personally think that it is a great method of using technology to speed up a web application and also extend the usability. It is hard for …

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I have been so busy at home and work I have not been blogging much. So I will try to pick up a bit. With .NET version 2.0 out I have been busy with updating IISREPORTER and the next version. I have to admit, 2.0 is awesome to develop with. So far, I keep hearing people say that it is too …

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If you do a lot of file migration or exchange with Microsoft SQL server you have probably had to grab a file via ftp. In most cases if you have automated this task you may have done this by either a vbs file or a bat file, or a DTS package that calls an FTP client. Well, Dan Woolsoton (A new …

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Migrating Thunderbird

I am switching computers and needed to migrate my Thunderbird email client data to another machine. I did a little googling and did not find too much until I found Thunderstor It allows you to take your thunderbird account and exprt to eml files. Then import into system of your choice. If you are moving from one thunderbird account to another …

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Security of the ASMX file

You often hear about security and web services. How they need to be more secure and how they can pass unsecured information. Well, I recently had an issue with a client that felt they were exposing too much information with the web service provided. This web service allows for products to be returned based on some search criteria. Unfortunately the web …

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I have been trying to get a copy / beta of Microsofts new command shell – Monad. It is in the beta stage and you should be able to access it like any other beta software from beta.microsoft.com. However, unlike other software that I have used, this seems to be one of the most popular beta’s they have launched. I have …

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News and More news

This week I have been able to see and test a lot of new programs. 1. google earth (earth.google.com) Essentially it is keyhole (a program google purchased) on crack. They added all the great features of google maps to this sat image program. If you have not tried it, go download. It’s free. 2. Google Video player. I had heard about …

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IIS Reporter

Well I have many ideas on how to update and modify the IIS reporter application I have written. I have finally got VS2005 up and running on my machine and will try to migrate IIS reporter over to 2.0. I have a few releases I need to get up to the source server. I also have a web service version that …

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