Zentyal vs Pfsense Firewall Review

I have posted a few times about my home network and in particular all the great things you can do with DDWRT or with PFsense.   I recently had my home PFsense firewall have some issues, mainly to a hard drive failure.  When I was replacing it, I decided to try a few different versions of firewalls. HARDWARE The hardware for my …

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WordPress and CDN

Jimiz CloudFlare

High Traffic WordPress Sites A few websites that I maintain get a large volume of traffic.  They are using WordPress as a content management system.  To accommodate this traffic I have been utilizing a combination of a great service CDN and a caching plugin.    A “CDN” is a Content Delivery Network is a service that will store and forward  your items …

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Google using your name and picture in ads – How to Opt Out

Google Endorsements Google has recently made a policy change.  You may have seen a notification in your gmail or Plus page.  I basically just clicked on the “x” or said OK with out thinking about it.  I am sure many other prople are like me and don’t take much time to read any policy changes.  However, recently many news sites started …

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Developer Laptop

Dell has just launched a developer focused laptop.  The cool thing about this version is that it runs Ubuntu (linux) and is on a 13 inch laptop.    (check out the hardware here)  The article that I found regarding this was focused on the Sputnik project.   I think this is a great start.  I’m a fan of small portable computing and the …

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When is it illegal to listen. Mapping wifi?

When did listening become illegal?  After reading this article I got to thinking more about how the concept of wireless is flawed. As a technology it uses public airwaves to send data.  This concept works great when the data is suppose to be freely available.  The success of this can be seen with radio and TV.    People are able to …

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Web Gui’s for management

It seems every device you purchase has a web admin page. The little linksys router you purchased, the NAS storage device, your Linux box, etc… The trend is to have any type of appliance have this type of management tool. These tools allow the managemnt of these devices to be done by almost anyone. The challenge is that many people take …

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Ghost in the Wires–Kevin Mitnick

This has been a great book so far.  Not only is Kevin a very sociable person but he is a very entertaining writer.  His stories are amazing.  To think that he left some out. Watch is interview with Snubs on Hak5. “23 Questions with Kevin Mitnick”

Pfsense – SARG (squid reports) setup

UPDATE – Since writing this pfsense has added a package install of SARG.   I recommend an updated tutorial of this post –  SARG and Pfsense V2. Here is a tutorial on how to setup SARG ( – Squid Analysis Report Generator on Pfsense.   If you don’t know what any of those words meant then here are some references. SQUID – ( …

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iPad and Microsoft

I am currently at microsoft techEd in Atlanta. Microsoft has some great things going on. Any time you put 10000 geeks together you see a lot of tech. The main take away I found was that the iPad has won. I see as many iPads as I do laptops. That is interesting especially at a Microsoft conference. This simple observation tells …

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