WordPress Management Tools

There are many tools to allow you to manage WordPress.  I have found that two tools are at the top of my list.  MainWP (https://mainwp.com) and WPMuDev (https://wpmudev.com/)



Main WP is self-hosted and you install it onto a server you have access.  Overall it can be Free and provides a lot of functionality.  If you want more features (I would suggest this) You can purchase a LifeTime subscription.  This is a great tool.



WPMUDev is a subscription per site or for a larger agency fee.  They provide custom plugins that are amazing.  WP SMUSH is one that you probably have heard of.   I really enjoy this tool and the way it allows you to manage a site.  It may be expensive but worth the purchase.


WordPress Management allows you to maintain a WordPress site or sites from this tool.  Backup, Updates, Plugins, and more.