Soccer on US TV

Ok I am finally going to rant. I can’t get any Soccer on TV. I currently pay a ton of money for cable TV each month. My current plan does not come with espn 2 or foxsports net. Now most of you out there would probably say that is not so bad. But if you are a soccer fan, those are the only two channels that ever carry any soccer. So that leaves us soccer fans having to purchase either high priced Digital cable or a high priced dish plan.

Infact the US played the other day against Trinidad & Tobago on Feb 9th (the US won). Since I do not have espn2 I couldn’t record it with my DVR so I had to find a way to skip out of work and go watch the game at 2:30. How bad is that for US soccer fans. Not only do you have to pay out each month for a cable package to watch you also have to be able to either skip out of work or find a way to record the matches. I ended up going to a local pub, across the street from my office. Z’s bar and grill, and it happened to have wireless access. So I was able to update my buddies who were with out a TV.

To make matters worse, my friend was overseas and was able to catch the game , and game updates easier than I was here in the US. Infact, they I did not even hear a word on the local paper or news about the US winning. This game was a World cup qualifying game, so it was a fairly important match, for the US on their road to the 2006 World Cup.

Oh well, this is just my escape for an angry Soccer fan. I have to pay out my ying-yang to watch a US sport on TV. Not to mention I just heard that they are going to move Fox Sports Net to just a soccer channel but it will be an extra price a month… Oh well, whats another hundred a month for TV…..

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