Lowering my Long Distance with Skype

Here is my story of how I lowered my long distance. I started using skype a while ago with one of my projects (iisreporter.com). It allowed me to talk to people or have people contact me via a phone system. I realized how valuable this free VOIP system was that I got all my friends and family using it. Gotta love free calling. So after some use, I realize that using skype out ($.02 a min) was a great idea as well. But I did not want to be tied to a headset that was connected to my computer to use skype. So I did some googleing and really did not find too much. I finally found the best device over at Pcphoneline.com – the VTA1000 allows me to connect any regular phone to my computer and use skype through it.

Here is how it works. You connect the VTA1000a into your USB port. The VTA1000a has a regular phone jack converter on it. So you plug a standard phone into it. I chose a Panasonic 900Mhz cordless phone as my longdistance phone. I chose panasonic, because I really do like the quality phone they make. I decided on a 900mhz phone instead of 2.4ghz because of my local wireless network. A 2.4ghz phone causess all kinds of issues. I then purchased a headset for the panasonic phone, for 12 bucks. So for a total of $90, I have some free longdistance and longdistance for $.02.

I forgot to mention that we had a 100 dollar phone bill a month ago. My wife is working from home and it requires long distance. We now have had a 14 dollar bill last month using skype out. So with technology, i have been able to make a great advancement. Keep up the good work skype.

One thing I would have done different would be to have purchased a 2 line phone and then just have skyp hang off the main phone system as the second line. But, a 2line phone is more than what I had in my budget. So for now we have to grab the longdistance cordless phone.

Oh yea, did I forget to mention that calling friends and family who also have skype is free. And that the quality is fantastic…. I am not sure how people would use vonage when you can get a Skype out account and skype in for 30 a year. I think I need to see some comparisons. Also, I use SAM (Skype Answering Machine) So I also get voicemail when I am not around to answer any skype calls.

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