Purchase of IPOD

Well I finally did it, I broke down and purchased an IPOD. I ended up with an IPOD mini. I decided to go with the 4 Gig, silver mini. You can see it here (apple.com)

You may be wondering why I did this purchase when I already have a very capable mp3 player, my trusty IPAQ. Well, after some thought and a close call with an IPOD shuffel I ended up with this mini. I listen to a lot of Podcasts and plan to subscribe to more as it becomes more popular. As I was moving files on and off my ipaq to take with me I realized how tedius it was. I had to take my ipaq out of it’s case (a Franklin covey) which I take everywhere with me, then I had to get everything hooked up to it. I decided that I could now just use an ipod for my music. So now I am one of those people… an IPOD carrying fu fu person. I do have to tell you that it is really well made and designed and easy to use.

Now I just have to make Itunes my default player… We will have to see about that. I have been a diehard winamp user for years. I will have to discuss the ups and downs of itunes soon.

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