Ideal notebook

I have been thinking more about what would be the perfect laptop.  The current model I have (Dell Latitude D800) is very under par.  Not only is it too big and bulky, it is very inefficient to use.  I started to think of what would make the perfect development / work laptop.  One that can be used for business and travel, since I am a consultant.

The perfect laptop in my mind would have a thin small formfactor. I often think of the ibook hardware line or IBM thinkpad for the size comparison.  I would also have to have the following items:

  1. Powerful processor (duo core)
  2. Great battery life (at least 4 hours)
  3. 1-2 gig of ram
  4. Great resolution (don’t care so much about screen size, but rather resolution) 1400×1050 or greater
  5. TrackPoint (I hate the touchpad – read some previous blog posts)

Those are the major items.  The selection below is where a laptop would excel in my eyes.

  1. Build in wireless
  2. Build in Blue-tooth (for mouse, pds, phone, etc..)
  3. 4 usb ports (can’t live with just 2)
  4. S-video out (just because you never know)
  5. SD or CF card reader (this is very handy)

Here are some ideas that I have not seen or that are not very common:

  1. Built in FM / AM radio (great for when at a client site)
  2. Remote (for DVD and presentations)
  3. DVD viewing mode (I often use my laptop as a dvd player)
  4. Easy conversion for a second hard drive (Use of virtual pc images has made this a viable option)

Those are some of the key things that I would love to see in my next laptop.  As we move closer to Vista, I think the key items will be in the processor and video area.  However, I would like to see a more reliable and efficient laptop selection.

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