Small Form Factor PC

I am always on the lookout for a small form factor PC. I have reduced the number of machines in my home down to 2 machines.  Our home PC and my wife’s laptop.  What I have found is that I need one more (linux) machine to do tasks.  Things like email archiving, scanning, and forensics. 

To make this work I have used a few options.  My first attempt was to use an old laptop that had a broken display.  It worked ok until it overheated (laptops just don’t stay cool).  The nice part about a laptop is that is has a build in UPS. 

My recent process was for a SFF machine and I purchased a Compaq EVO D51e (which is about 1foot by 18 inches x 5 inches)   It is a quit running machine and has 2 ghz processor and 512 meg of ram.  This works well because I swapped out the drive and added a huge internal IDE drive.  This allows for automated backups via rsync.

Looking online I just found this option What a great little box.

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