Jailbroke again

So I decided to jailbreak my iphone again. This time I was taking a trip out west SteamBoat and wanted the ability to tether my phone and get internet access. I had previously purchased an iPhone app (iphonemodem) and had success.

However, this time I decided to try a new app for tethering. Mywi (http://www.rockyourphone.com/index.php/mywi.html). What an amazing app. I was in the Chicago airport with a layover and was able to get some work done with out having to pay for wi-fi.

MyWi basically allows you to turn your iPhone into a wireless access point. I set the app to have an SSID of SecureWebAccess and then used WEP and a password to secure it. After those 2 steps, all I had to do was connect to it with my laptop like any other wireless network. Just for that trip it was worth every penny.

As for other jailbreak applications, I use ROCK manager and have installed a few other tools that allow me to quickly change settings with just two clicks.

Who else has had good luck with Jailbreak?

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