64 bit has become the norm…

It seems like just yesterday I upgraded to Vista x64.  It was a pain in the rear, display drivers did not work, things were a little difficult to get intalled (sharepoint development environment). Some of the main software I used did not work, like screen (screen capture app), pdfprinter, and even simple things like Cisco VPN.    It took some time but the x64 vista was worth it.  I had a machine with 6 gigs of ram and I could use it.  I was not hampered with using XP and limited to 3.something for RAM.

Today I was reading a quick link on twitter regarding x64 and the steam network. It seems that for windows users x64 has taken over 32bit.  Here is a link to their hardware survey that shows 40% of windows users being x64


That is pretty good.  Since Windows 7 has only been out for a short time.   My feeling is that most new computers are now coming with Win 7 x64.  In fact, I have not seen an add that did have 32bit any more.   Why would you, it limits the RAM usage to 3 gigs.

64 bit has gone a long way since I first switched.  I now use 8 gigs of ram and many virtual machines…  I would never want to switch back.


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