Portable Hotspot from your laptop

wifi-shareI have often been with  group of people and need to share some type of wireless.  Frequently I’ve used my phone (iPhone 4 – Jailbroken) and myWi (http://intelliborn.com/mywi.html).  However, I have not recently jailbroke my phone after the last update.  

The main reason I have ever jailbroke a phone was for this feature (a mobile hotspot).  In the case where I do have a tethered device and have other people who need access I have started using virtual router – http://virtualrouter.codeplex.com/

Virtual router basically let’s you turn on internet sharing on your Windows machine and make it a hot spot.  It is very simple and basic, but get’s the job done.   I pair it with a  ALFA USB WiFi AWUS036H wifi adaptor that gives me more range.   This makes it possible to gather some distant signals.

If you are in a pinch, this tool is great to share wifi.

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