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I have been extremely happy with my Xiaomi Amazfit Bip smartwatch.   It has been over 2 years since I discovered and purchased this inexpensive smartwatch.    The key item that caused me to purchase this watch was the 30-day battery.   However, I have determined that what I love the most is the alarm.  Because I wear the watch to sleep, the silent vibrating alarm is perfect for me (No alarm clock to wake up the wife).

This watch has proven to be more durable than I had expected.  I keep this watch on all the time, even though the original version is rated IP 68 (only resistant to dust, rain and splashing).  Over the summer I wear the Bip while swimming in the Lake and it continues to hold up.

Amazfit has tried to offer a new version of this watch recently called the Amazfit Bip Lite.  After looking at the Bip Lite options this watch appears to be the same as the original without the GPS.  This new Lite version did not actually give me any reason to purchase.   However, at CES 2020 Amazfit announced a new version of the Bip, the Bip S. (

Amazifit Bip S appears to have the following updates (and probably some more I did not list)

  • Increated battery life when using GPS
  • 40 Day battery
  • Better color graphics
  • Improved processor
  • Music controls
  • 5 ATM Water Resistance (you can wear it swimming)

Amazafit has finally provided enough features and enhancements to motivate me to upgrade.  The key feature for me is the 5 ATM water resistance.   I have realized that I am probably abusing my watch by always wearing it in the water during the warmer months, and living on borrowed time before it has an issue.

The new version has a few features that I may find enjoyable.  The music control may be nice when running to quickly change songs.  In addition to the additional sport’s settings.  However, I really love this watch for the simple feature of the vibrating alarm coupled with a 40-day battery.

One item that caught my eye is the cleaning wrist-band (Molecular lattice technology ensures the entire wristband is soft, dry, and resistant to dirt, making it perfect for long-term wear).  Since I wear this watch while running and all day long in addition to sleeping with it on, I look forward to what this new band technology will do.

bip s info

Overall Amazifit has provided me with a great product in the original BIP.  I enjoy using my current BIP and continue to share my experience with people I meet.     I plan on purchasing the Bip S once it is available.  The most recent update states in April 2020 it should be available.   Once I have the new device I will have to do a review.



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