Amazfit Bip Review

Amazfit Bip Review (used in real life)

Earlier this year I purchased a Xiaomi MiBand 2 for myself and my wife. I had been looking for a fitnesss watch and someone at work showed me their miBand. If you have never heard of this device you are not alone. Xiaomi is great smart phone maker out of China. They have also created a few other devices like the MiBand. This artcile is not on the MiBand 2 but I do plan on posting regarding that as well. I loved the MiBand so much and through a little research discovered the Xiaomi also had a few other watches that they created with another company Huami. This lead me to discover the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch.  Purchase on Amazon

This watch in my opinion is a great balance of design and price. I’ll go into more of my review, but for those who are impatient here is my overall reaction.


  • Great Price (Less than $80 when in purchased on Amazon)
  • Fantastic Battery life (45 days on standby) – I get normal 25 plus days
  • GPS
  • Most activity tracker features
  • Alarm (vibrate)


  • Limited integration to other apps
  • Graphics are so-so (not as crisp as AppleWatch)
  • The App (MiFit) could be improved
  • Accuracy of steps (in comparison to other fitness trackers)

Bip Review

For the cost this little watch is good looking and very functional.  I have had multipe people think I was wearing an apple watch, only to learn later when I had a watch face they had not seen before realize it was a Bip.   I have been so pleased with this watch that I have recommended it to multiple friends and colleagues.

I have had the watch for 4 months and really have not had any issues or displeasure with it.   I wear the watch daily and only remove when showering.  A key component for me in purchasing a watch was the ability to use it as an alarm.    Because of the 30 day battery life I can use this watch as an alarm.  This allows me to wake up early and not wake up my wonderful spouse.


I have read that the selection of watch faces are not as refined or as stylish as other watches.  I would agree they are not as crisp but I was able to come to terms with a few of them.  If you are interested there is site dedicated to Amazfit watch faces.

The watch itself is lightweight (1.1 ounces)  and does feel bulky at all.  Because of the light-weight and small size it goes unnoticed on my arm.  In addition to being light-weight it is pretty stylish.  It does not look cheap when wearing.


One item I have added to the dislikes of the watch is the 24 hour clock.  This is not something that can be changed on the watch. That may be a deal breaker for some but is just annoying for me.  I have come to grips with the 24 hour clock.

When comparing this to to other watches it does not have all the features but it holds it own.

  • Display: a reflective always-on color touch display
  • GPS
  • barometer
  • geomagnetic sensor
  • PPG heart rate sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • activity, sports and sleep tracking
  • weighing only 1.1 ounce


The watch is pretty easy to use. It has one one physical button and a touch screen.  I found it took a little bit to get used to the touch sensitivity.  Once I figured that out, using the menu was pretty easy. Swipe left to go through menu (Status, activity, weather, alarm, timer, compass, and settings)

Once you select a menu option you can scroll up or down to edit or use those items.  To get back, you just swipe right.  The phycisl button unlocks the watch and also takes you back to the home watchface when pushed during usage.

The fitness tracker seems pretty accurate from my account.   I have used it a lot during running and biking when I am able.

Mi Fit App

The companion app that allows you to configure and use the watch is OK.  It is not the greatest of applications but works just fine.   As I mentioned in my Cons section it does not really have any integrations with other apps or services.

Overall Findings

After using an apple watch for a while, I have found this to be a better option for me.   The features fit my needs and I love the alarm coupled with the long battery life.  A big winner that I did not realize early on, was that I am not worried about scratching or hurting this watch.   The cheap price and the durability have proven to me that this is a great budget smart watch.

If you like this review or have comments, drop me a line.  Always looking for feedback.

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