Android SDK Windows 7 (x64) – “invalid command-line parameter” Error

While starting to  write an android application I had to re-install the Android SDK on my new system.  When I did this and tried to execute the Emulator I go the following error: “invalid command-line parameter: Files. Hint: use ‘@foo’ to launch a virtual device named ‘foo’. please use -help for more information” After some google searches and some testing I …

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Re-Install windows phone 7 sdk

I just had to re-install windows phone 7 sdk.  I wanted the features for Mango 7.5.  However to get the install I had to uninstall the previous version (beta) I had. Now 3 reboots later  I’m ready to role.

Random Post of Links

I often find myself following a link from a twitter post or some other blog.  Not having the time to read it immediatly I either add it to Readitlater or I email myself.  I normally don’t add any comments just the link.   What often happens is a few weeks / days / months later I get to reading these links …

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DNS hosting

For years I have used     They were recently acquired by another service I use.  The issue is that the full Managed dns that I have used from everydns will not be free or donation any more. wants to charge a per-domain fee. I’m not opposed to paying for this service, but for ease of use I have …

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MVC – Mini Profiler

I’ve been really happy with the nuget platform for adding packages to VisualStudio.  If you have not yet tried nuget head on over to  One of the more recent packages I’ve been using is the mini-profiler. It is a little plug-in (can’t think of another term) that allows you profile a page and elements that are executed. Here is the …

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SMTP windows 7 developer

Vista and Windows 7 did not come with an SMTP server installed.   They removed this feature after smtp was found to be somewhat vulnerable on XP, and running on way too many developer PC’s.   I’ve been using papercut as a local smtp server when I am developing an application that has to send mail.  Papercut allows you to capture the …

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Windows Phone 7 Dev – Images and ApplicationBarIconButton

I have been working on a windows 7 phone application. I know, many of you may give me a hard time about developing for winphone7 vs iPhone or android. Well, I’m working on getting to each of them eventually. Currently Phone 7 made sense. So far development has been pretty straight forward. I was adding an application bar to the bottom …

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