windows store app

Windows Store App Launch

IP Address Info has launched to the windows store. You can read more here at the windows store site.

Privacy Policy for Windows Store Apps – Example

I recently submitted two apps to the windows Store. One was a WinJs app and the Other was a WinRT C# App. Both were rejected because of content compliance. The message that was posted to the dashboard: Your app doesn’t meet requirement 4.1. Notes from Testers: .C:: The app has declared access to network capabilities and no privacy statement was provided …

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Windows 8 or Windows Store App Icons

If you are developing a windows store app (an app for windows 8) you may be in need of some icons. A great way to get some icons that are already available is to use the built-in Segoe UI Symbol font. This is what is referenced when you see the MSDN samples regarding the app bar. I did not have a …

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