What a Week

What a week, it was one crazy week. I have been doing a lot with IIS Reporter and plan on making a refined version. The current version does not have a remote server monitor, I do have a version that does allow for remote monitoring but have not implemented it into the code.

This week I discovered how tuning an IIS server can lead to some benifits. When your server farm of 2 servers is pushing 12 Mbits of data a second you realize that any change you make can cause a bad thing to happen. Anyways I spent a few hours of my week, trying to debug an issue with the boxen that caused the servers to spike at 100% CPU. It was crazy, high volume traffic and then a cpu that was on fire. I even updated the cache setting and the compression settings to releave the stress on the boxes. I learned a lot as always, but my stress level went through the roof.

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