FireFox Extensions

If you are like me you probably use firefox or have used firefox. It is a great alternative to IE for web browsing. One of the nice features of firefox is the ability to code extensions or plugins for the browser. I user some very frequently. Here is a quick list of extensions that I use:

1. Web Developer – this has all kinds of tools for those of us who develope web sites. It allows you to outline tables, style sheets, get form info, header info and anything else you have needed.
2. ForecastFox – This puts your weather information in browser frame window. This is great for just a quick view of the weather.
3. ConQuery – allows for contextual searching on a web page
4. GotFlash – Extensions that allow for multimedia information in pages.

I have attempted to write my own extension. I did the default “hello world” extension but never figured out what I wanted to do. If you have any ideas drop me an email.

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