IE toolbars

It seems to me that there are a ton of IE tool bars out there. And every program you install tries to add another. I understand the functionality of a toolbar and how useful they can be, but come on. How many do we need. So I started thinking of what I use. And wanted to see what others thought. I personally use IE about 80% of the time at work (firewall issues) and about 100% of the time at home. I have found that the same tool bars frequently do not cross browsers. I recently found one that does. That is what got me thinking about this topic. So let me review what I use.

Ranked in the order with the most value
1. Google Toolbar – This is one that should be used by everyone with IE. It has popup blockers built in. Search from the menu bar. What else can you ask for. If you use firefox it is called the GOOGLE bar.
2. Netcraft toolbar – This toolbar keeps you from phising sites, allows you to search a sites rank and hosting provider. This is a very useful toolbar for those in the hosting business or webdevelopment business.

Well these two are the main ones I use. At one time I used the yahoo toolbar but found it very cumbersum.

next time I will discuss firefox extensions.

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