Month: February 2006

Google has been busy

The guys at google have been busy… they released the news reader yesterday and now a html page creater  I love seeing competition, who knows maybe there will be a google DESKTOP or OS.

Google RSS reader (

Google launched a new reader (  I have been giving it a try.  So far, it is very nice, I like the key controls.  I just switched to rss bandit for my RSS reader of choice.  I may have to use this online.

I.E. 7.0

I have been using the beta I.E. 7.0 for about two weeks now.  It is interesting to see how this version of the browser works.  Microsoft has done their homework in this upgrade.   The major changes that I like are: Tabs, settings, and Favorite groups.  There are a lot more items that are nice, but those seem to be the major ones.   A …

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C# vs

Now I am really starting to think that Microsoft is pushing over C#. Here is a link to a C# converter to change code in C# over to Why would you do this? I am not sure. But, in addition to the MY.OBJECT feature only in and now a C# to converter, I am starting to feel …

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