Visual Studio 2005 – c# My.object

I have been working with VS 2005 a bit. One of the things I keep hearing people talk about, mainly a friend of mine who is using VB.NET 2005, is the “MY.OBJECT“. He was telling me how easy it is to grab a file and to check if the application can touch the network. So I figured I would give this a try. With that said, I should mention that I started with the new version of VS.NET 2005 using C#. I was excited to use the After about 30 min of messing around with help and intellisense to find the MY objects, I gave up and did a quick search. It was then I only realized that the “my objects” are only for

Discovering this I was very confused. Why would Microsoft create these simple objects to gather information and not include them in c#? Very dissapointing.

I did some googling and found a few references to a helper object that will bring “MY” features to C#, called “that“. (download that)

After reading some of the comments out there, I found it would be easy to just reference vb and grab the MY logic. To do this you simply have to reference VB in your application “using Microsoft.VisualBasic.MyServices;” You then would have access to the My namespace.

Armed with that information and the joy of turning IISREPORTER PRO into a 2.0 C# app, I have completed about 40% of the re-write.

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