Summer Concerts

I went to see Willie Nelson last week.  My wife got me tickets for my BirthDay.  It was sweet.  He really can rock.  Even at 70 something he was fantastic.  He had his sons playing in the band, and the opening act Harmonic Tribe also had his son in it. Young Nelson (Luke) was pretty good on the lead guitar.  But his dad, willie proved that if you can play, any guitar will do. His old and worn (trigger) Martin acoustic guitar was “da bomb”.  I do not know how, but that thing sounded like Slash’s guitar from Gun’s and Roses for one song and like BB’king for another.

He played for about an hour and a half straight.  He would go from one song to the next with out even stopping.  The band would just have to pickup what song he started.  I was just amazed at how much energy he put into the show.  It was at meijer gardens, so there were not that many people there for the sold out show.   It was great, a little take out food from the “Bull’s Head” and some cold beers made the show what it was.   Sitting about 40 feet from the stage and just enjoying the show.  It was an interesting crowd.  Some die hard Willie fans, many older couples, a few estranged hippies, and then my wife and I.

If I am able to, I will see him again.  How can you pass up a great artist like that.  Songs from the past, present, and future were played.

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