Vista – I am now running vista on my work Laptop

It is going ok so far.  I have had to overcome some issues with compatibility with applications and just overall performance.  I was expecting vista to be user friendly.  What I have found it is a bit difficult to find what you are looking for.  However, they have built some great technology to search for what you want.  It just happens that I don’t like searching.  I enjoy well labeled areas and controls.  I have also found that the permissions / security thing is very upsetting.   I don’t mind now that I have disabled the administrative prompt, but for those who have no idea of what vista is doing with elevated security levels they are just going to at some point ignore whatever popup comes up and get used to hitting yes.  Even if that popup is a nice virus from your email or internet advertisement. 

Some of the issues I have found were trivial.  My mouse would not work (USB Logitech Portable – 3 weeks old).  Memory issues.  I only have outlook running and I am using 56% of the 2gig of ram I have in the laptop.

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