SunRocket to shutdown

I am a true believer in VOIP. I use Vonage at home and have used SKYPE before that, as a phone system in my house.  I love our country where competition allows for the prices to stay low and technology and creativity to flourish.  However, one down side is when good companies fold.  That is the case with SunRocket.  They are shutting down at COB today.  What a loss.  They were one of the 3 providers I considered for our current home.  I did go with vonage due to just reliability and name recognition.

I think there are a few issues with their shutdown.  First their subscribers should have been notified before the quick closing at COB today.  I’m not sure what type of communication they have been given, but could you imagine losing your home phone just out of the blue, or even worse your business phone.  Can they transfer their number? do they get alternate service? does the service shutdown and nothing works?  

I hope that someone can help out all 200,000 subscribers. 
FYI if you look at the business model, and I’m not sure what it is.  However, if you take 200,000 subscribers at ~$25 per month you get $60,000,000 that is a pretty good start.

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