Dead drive again part 4

The drive in my Dell d820 went dead again on Friday.  Do I have a backup yes.  Is it recent. NO.  Was I backing it up before it died (yes) just like before.  I hooked up the backup disk (an external usb drive) and started the job.  I noticed I did not have much space on my external drive and started cleaning some stuff.  Then started the backup job.  I stopped the job (it had 2 hours to go) because I had a meeting.  Took my laptop and POOF, after the meeting it died. 

It did not just die as in would not boot, it made the great click click boom sounds.  No recovery for me. 

I am really upset with this box.  I am once again going to say that it is probably something to do with power or the motherboard. 

Thank goodness for MOZY (


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