Apple did it right

I purchased my iphone in December, so far it has been great. I even have my wife interested in getting one. Recently my phone had the ringer on / off button come off. It is a chrome looking switch on the side and the chrome part appeared to break off. I’m not sure how, because I have not dropped the phone and it lives in my pocket most of the time.

I had some free time this week between meetings and decided to stop into the apple store to see what it would cost to fix and how long it would take. To my surprise, it was free to fix and they did it in about 5 min. That included getting time from the people at the “something bar” and unpacking a new Iphone to replace mine with.

When I left the store with a new phone activated, I was able to sync while walking in the mall to my car. Google Sync got all my contacts and calendar items back in less than 1 min. When I hooked the phone up to Itunes, it restored ever setting and files from before the switch. (GREAT)

When I used my windows mobile phone, the sync part was the same (getting contacts and calendar back) but the rest of the experience was horrible. No backups (unless you did them) and every provider I had took days / weeks to get a replacement phone. Not to mention they would never just switch out a phone for you.

At the end of the day, I have to hand it to apple. Great product, great service, and great experience.

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