Netbook review (3 weeks)

Well I have had my MSI wind for 3 weeks now. So far it has been very useful and worth the purchase. I have already had 2 Operating systems on it. I started with XP which it came with and I’m currently running Windows 7. 7 has the advantage of being newer and works a little better with the (on / off, pause / resume) abuse I put on laptops.

So what have I been doing with the netbook? So far it has served as the living room family computer. We have used it to get a menu online for dinner, lookup phone numbers, and map directions. My kids have used it for “Playhouse disney” no more fighting over the family laptop.

On the business side, it has been worth every penny. I was out on the road and a client called with an issue, I quickly used the netbook to remote into their machine and correct the problem (worth every penny). I have also been using google doc’s as a primary tool and with google doc (offline) I have been taking notes on the netbook.

Thinks I like:
The speed
small form factor
Quick on / off
Battery life (but always want more)

Items that could be changed
Touch pad (needs to be bigger or use a track point – IBM)
Noise, the hard drive is a bit loud.

Overall, it has been a great purchase. It is loaded with every app I can need:
1. Putty (SSH)
2. Digsby (IM)
3. Google chrome (browser)
4. Evernote (notes)
5. Google offline
6. filezilla (ftp)
7. Avire – anti-virus (small footprint)

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