Month: September 2010 Security Patch

The Microsoft team has put out a patch for the POET vunerablity in This vulnerability allowed access to files on the server. This is very bad considering some of the files on an IIS server are not meant to be shared, in particular the web.config file. Prior to the patch there were some workarounds that would help stop this …

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5K run

Ran a 5K run today in the rain. It was for a great cause, West side Christian School. I came in 2nd overall. 21 Min 56 Seconds. Not too bad for not training. Thank you for all the helpers and sponsors.

IISreporter – new site

There is a new site over at Check out the new look and feel and leave some comments or suggestions. IISreporter is an application that shows you connections and information regarding IIS in real-time. It allows administrators to see how many people are currently connected to the server. It is available for free and can be downloaded at A …

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