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Prior to having an iPhone I had a windows mobile device. That was a long time ago, and I don’t miss it at all. There is one aspect that I do miss. That is the ability to customize the home page / lock page.

Over the weekend I set out to customize my iPhone / iPad lock screen. If you have a jailbroke device you have the ability to do this. Here is my first run at customization.

Customized iPhone Lock Screen

There are many options if your device is jailbroken.

Multibarlockscreen: http://www.hackthatphone.com/2x/themes_with_winterboard_section26.html
Homescreen 2.0: http://www.jailbreakitouch.com/index.php/articles/23-articles/144-homescreen-20-weather-widget-for-iphoneipod-touch.html
Intelliscreen: ($9.99)http://intelliborn.com/intelliscreen.html
LockInfo: http://lockinfo.ashman.com/

Each item has it’s advantage. Intelliscreen is the leader of the pack. I ended up going with Winterboard and a customized theme. I followed this tutorial.

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