Migrate FileZilla ftp info (Not Secure)

I use Filezilla as my main FTP client. It is a wonderful tool for ftp, ftps, scp (sftp) and other transfer protocols. I am getting a new laptop and needed to transfer / backup my settings. I have a lot of sites stored and did not want to go looking for all the username and password information.

Filezilla allows you to backup your information and transfer it to a new system. To do this you need to:
1. Open Filezilla
2. File | Export

3. select (export site manager entries and export settings)
4. Save the XML file to your hard drive.

This backup contains all your site manager information. It also stores your password in the clear. If you look at the XML file you can see the element has your passwords. This is not a safe thing, for those of use who are security conscious. I am no-longer storing my passwords in filezilla and will be prompted when using ftp or sftp. As much as I like filezilla, I’ve started looking for an alternative. One option I’ve read about is to use a password storage tool like “keypass” to use with filezilla I will have to try this.

If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

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