Term Life Insurance

I recently decided to keep my new years resolution and get more life insurance. Now that there are 4 children running around at our house it is important that they are taken care of in the event that I pass away.

I listen to Dave Ramsey and he is a believer in term life insurance. I would have to agree. Term insurance is basically that. You are buying insurance for a duration of time. In my case I decided on 20 years. The amount of time when my youngest would be independent.

To start the process I decided to also follow Dave’s advise. I contacted Zander Insurance.

A quick online form filled out and a confirmation email. Let me review prices and setup an appointment to get a health screen. So far the process has be inexpensive and painless (unless you are afraid of getting a blood test)

The only thing I would recommend against is going to other insurance sites. After my original quote from zander I decided to do a google search and do another online form to get a quick quote. That was a mistake, I’ve been getting spam for the last 2 weeks.

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