Ebooks vs hard cover

I am on the verge of purchasing an ebook reader. I currently read most of my books on my iPad or iPhone. However I have found that in some cases this is not the most reliable readers.

I find my iPhone great because it is always with me. However it is not good in the Sun or the beach (sand). The iPad is a better experience but I typically forget it when we travel.

I have been looking at a book (non color ). I can get books from the library and it does ePub format. Though I use kindle on my iPhone and iPad I think this the better choice. The kindle may have the better system to purchase books bit I am cheap and the library does a good job.

In a similar topic here are some views regarding hard cover books and ebooks

The cost of an ebook is as much or more than the hard cover. This is based onthe release date. I’m not against this. But I find the value difficult to stomach when the production of an ebook costs next to nothing and takes about an hour.

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