Bike Saftey

My wife sent me this link in an email today.  It is tragic to see someone get hit on a bicycle.  Since I have been riding into work I think about this often.  I have had a few close calls, but I have not been hit.  A co-worker was struck last year.   He suffered a broken leg and a lot of bruises but thankfully he is ok.

I have determined I am a defensive biker. I ride on sidewalks to avoid cars, I cut corners and drop into the grass.   It is not that I am afraid of riding in the lane.   Not at all, I often take the lane and make myself known on a busy street turning left.   However, it is just sad to really see how many people are doing other things than focusing on driving.

Every morning I see people as I’m biking driving their cars distracted.   Some are texting, a few are talking on phones.  The enjoyment of biking is you get to see a lot and take in a lot.   This also means I can see how drivers are driving.   I watched a lady talking on the phone, lighting a cigarette, while turning the radio station.   How can she be looking out for me.

So be safe out their biking.  I have flashing lights, headlights, and reflectors.  Be prepared.

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