61% of US households have wifi–How many are open networks?

I was reading flip board app this morning and ran across this article from techcrunch – http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/05/study-61-of-u-s-households-now-have-wifi/

A study shows that 61% of US households have wifi.   The US is lower on the list 8th behind the UK and places like Germany.  I thought that 61% is a pretty good number.   From a security perspective I wonder what percentage of those users have an open network with no encryption of password.   Is it 50% or less?   Of those who have a wireless network how many have the default settings (username and password).  

It is pretty easy to find that information, and I’m guessing many people purchase the blue plastic router and just turn it on.  http://www.routerpasswords.com/ will allow you to find almost any make and model’s password.

Many people don’t take security seriously or just don’t know the risks of using technology with out security.    Next time you are just out and about, turn on wifi on your phone and notice all the wireless networks around you.   Take a note at the number that are open?  I’ve noteced in the last few months that the open networks have decreased.  However, I see a lot of WEP secured networks.   

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