Developer Laptop

dell_ubuntuDell has just launched a developer focused laptop.  The cool thing about this version is that it runs Ubuntu (linux) and is on a 13 inch laptop.    (check out the hardware here)  The article that I found regarding this was focused on the Sputnik project.   I think this is a great start.  I’m a fan of small portable computing and the Dell 13 inch laptop fits that bill.  It is basically an ultrabook to compete with that MacBooks and Air.   

Read the article –

The idea that you can get custom profiles from github is fantastic.  Image this for .net developers.   In the linux world you can get a LAMP stack and a ruby profile and be up an running as fast as your internet connection allows.

If I think about this logic,  I can still participate on my VM image.  I do most of my development inside a virtual machine for safety reasons.  I can backup a VM image and not be worried about losing information.

As much as I like a small laptop I’m content with my new Thinkpad.  With the new drive configuration I can be up and running in 20 seconds.   The new Crucial SSD 128 Gig drive is blazing fast.   I just updated my second drive to a 500 Gig 5400 rpm dive.  I had a 350 7200 rpm drive.  I just realized as I played with the second drive that the slower drive gives me more battery life.   Especially if I don’t have to hit it for information.  My setup has the SSD as primary OS and Applications and the Spinning media has the data

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