Airport extreme export key – equivalent network password

Dear apple, please make any text in your applications available to be copied in windows. In particular the text from the “equivalent network password” section on your airport extreme wireless base station.

If there is one thing I hate, it is not being able to copy text. The Control+C keyboard shortcut is my favorite. What upsets me is when I can’t highlight text to copy it. That is what happened today when attempting to copy and past the longest string of text ever, the 5ghz pre-shared key for my network.

If you own an airport extreme router you can get your pre-shared keys by going to the airport utility and selecting BASESTATION > equivalent network password this opens a great window with the information you are looking for. But, you can’t copy that info. (it sounds like on the mac version of the software you can).

For all developers who read this, make text or labels available to the clipboard.

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