iPhone Jailbreak 5.0.1

I decided to jail break again. I really like the sbsettings That lets you turn things like wireless, bluetooth, and other features on and off with a simple click. I also use mywi to tether when on the road, since I purchased the app it is very useful. Some of the other reasons to jailbreak are to test out some fun …

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Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 – iPhone 4

So today I updated my iPhone to 4.3.2 and Jailbroke it again.   I always get asked why I jailbreak.  The simple answer is because I like to hack devices.  The more to the point reasons are the cool customizations.  The business reason is simple, MyWi it allows me to make the device a wifi hotspot and always have internet where ever …

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Iphone – copy and paste

I just saw today that there is an app that you can get to allow for Copy and Paste. It appears that it does not work in Safari. I can live with that. The ability to copy and paste is huge. One example is for a wireless network key that is 32 characters, get it in an email and paste into …

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