Soccer–Paul Scholes returns to Man U

I am a huge fan of Paul Scholes.  He recently retired, and was looking to do some management with Manchester United.   I saw in the news today that he is making a return to MU.  That is just great news.  Paul is 37 and still just an amazing player.

US Soccer (world cup)

The us women’s soccer team is doing great. Tonight they beat France to head to the world cup finals. It was a great match to watch 3-1. I love to see the US do well in soccer. The prior game against Brazil was just amazing. Being a player down and then going the full overtime and extended time to tie the …

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Football / Soccer Season is here (how do you watch live games)

I am excited, the weather has got a bit colder and today ND football starts. Not only that the EPL (english soccer) has been playing for the last 3 weeks and it has been great. Saturday morning means getting excited about all the games going on. So with all the great technology we have I still can’t watch a sporting event …

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USA World cup game

As an avid soccer fan this has been a great world cup so far. Lots of goals, lots of action and news. So far I have seen great play, fantastic failures, bad ref’s, and great goals. 6/23/2010 USA vs Algeria 10:00 AM EST. Can we make it to the 2nd round. We need a win. Thanks to ESPN3 and a few …

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World Cup 2010 – Get Ready

As a huge soccer fan, I can’t wait for the Cup to start. For all those in Grand Rapids area, I’ll see you at some of the local places for the games. Here is a good schedule.