IIS Reporter Version 1.6 Release

I have rolled out another update to IIS Reporter. Version 1.6 is now the most current. I have added many features to both enhance the program and also ease the use.

Below is a list of things added and removed, but before I get into the new features let me discuss one major change. I had to drop the (Connection Attempts/Sec) counter. For some reason Visual Studio 2003 is not returning the correct information from the performance counter. I have tried a few different ways of createing the instance of the performance counter, with no luck. It appears to be returning the total connection attempts (Sum of connections) rather than the connections attempts per second. I will keep looking for a solution but till then I have replaced this counter with Maximum Connections. Max connections is the max number of connections for the uptime of the web service.

Here is a list of updates / changes

1. Removed Connection Attempts/ Sec and replaced with Max Connections
2. Added Tool tips for all instances on the forms (this is the nice little info that appears when you hover you mouse over areas of the app.
3. Added definitions to each counter and what is returned. If you click on the name it will tell you the info
4. Added a status bar icon. When minimized the app will run in the status bar on the right.
5. Write to an XML file – I have added a feature to write all this infor for IIS to a XML file. The xml file is in the same directory are the iisreporter.exe file.

Happy Downloading – You can download the new version here

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