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I have been a huge gmail fan since I got my first account. Now that gmail is up to 2 gigs of space how can you resist. I have been thinking of ways to utilize my gmail account other than an aggregator for thoughts, files, and other email accounts. I finally decided to try and use the system for email relaying. I have posted earlier my gadget setup, but I had not found a great way to get company email. Now, by utilizing my gmail account, I am able to pickup my email via wap, on my cell phone.

To do this I found two systems that would possibly work. One is a hosted service called
Gmail Wireless – The other is an application called
Gmail-mobile –

The first, Gmail Wireless is a site that you enter in your Gmail info and then access that site for your mail and information. The one thing I did not like about this solution, is that you have to enter your information into an unknown system. Not that I don’t trust the group, it is just I did not like that idea.

I finally decided to use the second option, Gmail-mobile. Gmail-mobile is a php application, that you install on your server with libgmail –

You can access it here I can now forward email from the office to my gmail account and access via this wap enabled link. I did have this all wrapped in an ssl, but there seem to be issues with ssl and some versions of wap.

During my searching I found a few other interesting gmail links.

Gmail-Lite –

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