How large is a large database?

I was reading my Information Week magazine and ran across an article regarding Large Databases “Big Honkin’ Databases” was in the Sept 19th magazine (article here). It is a quick glimpse into some of the largest databases. I have seen a 1.2 Terabyte database in action and seen the amount of work necessary to keep that database functioning. I cannot imagine the amount of work that would go into a 100.4 terabyte database like the one Yahoo uses. I thought it was interesting that they mention the platform the DB’s are on but not the actual DB Software. Of the ten in the list they show UNIX for 7, Linux for 2, and Windows for 1. I would have to guess that anything on the UNIX platform is really running DB2. However I could be wrong. I would love more stats on these huge databases. For example, they mention that the Yahoo DB gets 1 billion SQL statements per hour. I would even like to see the hardware and staff necessary to keep these things alive.
After looking at the article a bit more I found that more statistical data can be found by the company that did the survey (wintercorp). You can find the DB vendor and hardware vendor by reading the full survey (Full Survey). It also included if the db is federated or centeralized.

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