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I have blogged about source control before. From online source control like or, to Visual source safe (crap) and SourceGear Vault. After using and trying many tools I have realized how some can be very useful and others have their faults (VSS). However, today an issue I had was not related to the tool but to the files stored within that tool and how they were accessed. For the sake of keeping this brief I will have to just point out a very useful function that windows is missing, the diff command.

Linux / Unix machines have a nifty tool called Diff. It allows you to show the difference between two files. For those who code this is a useful tool. One would guess there would be the equivalent for windows. However, it was not until today did I realize that was not so true. To get a version of windiff you have to download a resource kit, or an option pack or some other junk. You may say to me, well most source control tools allow you to do this. And that is true. However, what about local files. Today I was in such a jam and needed a program and I was able to find an old link I had kept for (WinDiff) – Site Here These guys keep a link to the direct download of windiff. So give it a try and compare some directories or some files.

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