Wireless USB

I was reading the notes from the CES conference and saw the tag wireless usb. I did not think much about it. Because I thought they were talking about usb wireless cards (which have been around for a bit). I just saw this post (wireless usb) on digg.com and now realize what they were talking about. It is the ability to access your usb peripherals through a wireless connection. Now this is very cool. I have actually thought about this feature before. I typically have a few items attached to my computer through usb. It would be great to be able to access these items when using my laptop as well. For example, I take my portable usb drive everywhere; I use it for backup and music storage. With wireless usb I would be able to keep it connected to a central place when at home. You could also use this for printers, and things like the griffen Radio Shark (my favorite).

I will be purchasing this when it is available.

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