Steve Jobs on flash

I recently read the article from Steve regarding flash on Apples iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.

I think he has some interesting comments. I really do like the idea that rollovers are dead or not needed. The idea that touch or some other input may be needed is a very good point. Have you ever tried to use a flash site with just a keyboard.

I have also heard other arguments regarding security of flash from the podcast “Security Now”. However, with any application there are security concerns.

The one I am really interested to hear more about is battery life. How can an application consumer more battery life than another. Are we saying that video uses more than a book reader. I would say that the action of the application vs the application is the cause of battery life. Video uses more battery (cpu too) than reading a static page.

If I was a device owner I would also argue the closed source proprietary concept of flash. However, apple also has that same type of situation.

Overall, I think Steve is making a great stance. From what I read, he is saying let’s look at open standards for the web. Not a player that is used for the web. He does not deny that apple has a closed source operating system or device, he is just saying that protocols or web applications should be open.

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