Thinkpad T410 and Hardware Upgrades?

asusIt is that time of year again.  Every December before the new year, I evaluate the technology I have.  I typically look at my laptop and determine if it needs to be upgraded first then look at my other machines.

This year I decided that my trusty ThinkPad T410 did not need to be replaced.  Instead it was going to get a few new items.  First an upgrade of RAM.  It had 4Gigs of ram and I just added 4 more to make 8Gig.  

When I purchased the T410 I also got a CD ROM replacement caddy. This allows for the CD/DVD to be replaced with a hard drive.  I am planning on ordering a SSD drive for the primary OS and then use the current Hard Drive as Data storage.  thinkpadt410

I have also ordered a new device that I’ll be blogging about in the next few days.  I purchased a ASUS AT3IONT-I deluxe Intel ATOM motherboard from  It is a mini-itx motherboard that comes with an Atom processor and also a power supply.  The combo was a big deal for me.  I don’t plan on using a case for this, just wall mounting the board behind plexiglass.    This will be my new firewall / router.    I am currently deciding what firewall to run either untangled or smoothwall.  I’ll document the process once all the hardware arrives. 

My intent is to have a more powerful and useful device than those plastic blue devices that most people have Smile .    More to come…

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