Blogging Tool– Windows Live Writer

windowsliveThis new year I plan on blogging more.   For one reason, it is a good stress relief.   The other reasons revolve that I like to do it.    

To make the process easier I plan on utilizing Windows live writer.  The reason for using live writer is the simple ease of use and great layout functions it allows.   I currently use WordPress as my blog engine.  It is fantastic and I can’t say enough about this blog engine.  However, I find that writing in the small text window is difficult when attempting to add  a lot of content.  

Live Writer is basically a scaled down word processor.   It works seamlessly with WordPress and give you the ability to do offline writing.   I have used it in the past but did not make blogging that much of a priority. 

Here is a great overview of live writer from PCworld

In more recent weeks I have noticed a trend of blogs to start using livewriter as the editor.  You can see the increase from trends

See this chart of how it has increased usage.


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