Zoneminder and video camera

zm2I recently purchased an ip camera for the house.  I have wanted one for a long time and finally made a purchase.   The reason for the camera was to monitor the kids and also the garage.  The camera I purchased was a dlink DCS-930L.   It was on sale at Best Buy for about $55.

The reason I chose this camera was for the price.  There are many more expensive camera that allow for Dark viewing (LED) and also pan and tilt.  This is an entry level IP camera and has limited resolution.

With that said, this is a great camera.  I am planning on adding it to my garage where I can view the kids and any motion detection.   Currently the camera is sitting in the bay window that is viewing the new construction of the house next door.zm3

The camera comes with a great application to use called it allows you to access yor camera from anywhere even on your phone.  A neat feature I have found is that it also streams audio as well as video.  Nothing is better than using it when away to have the kids share with you what they are up to.

I have also paired it up with my linux server and a software package called zoneminder.    Zoneminder is a security camera package that allows you to monitor multiple cameras.  It allows you to set motion detection.  I currently have it set to record when motion detection happens.

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  1. What settings in Zoneminder did you set? I followed this link

    I have set up 11 other ip cameras but this one is not working for me. I do not understand the “Remote Host Name: user:pass@” since it errors on me saying that I need to use only an IP or host name.

    Not sure what I am doing incorrectly but I would appreciate any help you can offer.

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