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I have been a longtime user of Jing from Techsmith. Until recently this was my go-to software for screen captures or video. I have watched people be amazed when I just take a screen capture circle an area make a comment and upload to screen share.

Recently, I have noticed that Jing has become a bit slower and somewhat of a memory hog. When I restaged my current development box I was unable to add this from work (blocked) and attempted to use the built-in snipping tool in windows.

Snipping tool

. Though it allows me to highlight and circle the colors it did not have close to the features of Jing. This left me looking for an alternative. Jing had 3 great features for me. 1st It allowed the use of hotkeys (any keys you wanted). 2nd – It took screen captures or videos. 3rd – you could get menu options or website dropdown navigation screenshots.

I next tried shotty . This was a nifty tool but seemed too difficult to just use. I was never successful with the hotkeys.

I am now using greenshot. It is super easy to use and is kind of fun. It has a hotkey of the print button on most PC’s. To get the video I have switched to camstudio . It takes great screen videos. It allows you to select a region on the screen and take a video. What a great tool. Download and give it a try

Overall it took 2 tools to replace Jing.

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  1. I agree that sometimes Jing is a bit too slow. Anyways, thank you for these alternatives. In my case, I use AceThinker Capture Website Screenshots. It also has hotkeys that you can activate for taking screenshots. Apart from that, all the screenshots are of high quality. You can try it, too!

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