Cheaper bandwidth–(not the last mile)

I was reading an article on gigaom regarding how bandwidth is getting cheaper. The article was not about our home or business bandwidth but rather IP transit costs.  The cost to move data from one location to another (overseas).   The reference the value from a business perspective, if that business buys a lot of bandwidth.   Companies like netflix, google, etc… …

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Broadband and bandwidth

I love broadband internet.  I signed up for excite @home back in 1999.  @home eventually became Comcast and my love hate relationship with them continues.   In-fact, I still use the original Motorola surfboard that I got in 1999 (it has a date on it from 1998) as my cable modem. I have been relatively happy with Comcast for all these years in terms of internet …

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ISP and bandwidth

I’m going to keep on this topic. I was watching crankygeeks ( which I download on tivo. An the group was talking about ISP and traffic filtering. It was an interesting conversaton. For starters, I think John did not really care about the matter. But what I did get out of it was a few people who have my same feelings. …

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