Zentyal vs Pfsense Firewall Review

I have posted a few times about my home network and in particular all the great things you can do with DDWRT or with PFsense.   I recently had my home PFsense firewall have some issues, mainly to a hard drive failure.  When I was replacing it, I decided to try a few different versions of firewalls. HARDWARE The hardware for my …

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Pfsense – SARG (SQUID REPORTS) – 2012 v2

A few months back I posted how to setup SARG on pfsense router. Since then there has been a great package created for SARG that works on p. I have uninstalled the components I earlier configured and now use this package. Here is the config and setup for this on pfsense. A listing from the Packages area (Admin | System | …

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Pfsense – SARG (squid reports) setup

UPDATE – Since writing this pfsense has added a package install of SARG.   I recommend an updated tutorial of this post –  SARG and Pfsense V2. Here is a tutorial on how to setup SARG ( – Squid Analysis Report Generator on Pfsense.   If you don’t know what any of those words meant then here are some references. SQUID – ( …

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