windows media center

Replace Windows Media Center – Kodi – Sad Day

Kodi Live TV

Replace Windows Media Center with Kodi I have finally replaced my windows media center system with Kodi. I have posted in the past about windows media center and how I use it for a DVR and Live TV. I finally had to say goodbye to that setup, it was time. Windows 8 kept prompting me to upgrade, the system kept having …

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Windows Media Center – Windows 8.1

I recently updated my basement and purchased a new TV.  In doing so, my projector and TV are both connected to my Windows Media Center.  I needed up update my older PC running windows media center since Comcast turned to digital.    Here is the setup and configurations I use to run a Windows Media Center that shows live tv and allows …

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Windows Media Center + Netflix = too much fun

I have a HTPC (windows media center vista) hooked to a projector in my basement. It has been great for us to watch movies and play the wii. Recently I added a new plug-in to Windows Media Center called myNextflix (mynetflix) This plug-in allows for us to watch Instant access movies from nextflix. It is great, my viewing pleasure has been …

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